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How S Frame System works?

S Frame system is the fastest, safest and most innovative construction techniques of its day.

By using this system, the construction of a medium scale residential building can be completed in a few months which involve a few steps as described below.


Tell us your requirement.

This system is able to create design on customer requirement provided that the design is in compliance with BS5950 or AS/NZ4600.

Structural design

We design the structure using highly proprietary steel framing software. The steel framing software is able to provide with engineering analysis as well.

Component productions in factory

The software is then produced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) files for each component and these files are used for component production in the factory.

Advanced equipment ensure the quality of products

Cold forming machine is being used to produce the components. Each LGSF component is individually processed and labelled to fit into the frame.

The component production is fully automated.

Component assembly

All components will be assembled in the factory in panel form and in any transportable size.


The member will be bundle up in a flat pack then being transport and assemble on site.


Site Preparation

Foundations and services should form part of these initial ground works.

Usually, concrete slab base will be prepared prior to the building being delivered.

Erect the wall

Frames are joined together and positioned on the concrete floor slab prior to fixing the building structure to the concrete slab.

Assemble the roof trusses

Roof trusses are then being assembled on top of wall panel by using applicable screws.

Installation of wall cladding and building insulation

Customer will choose their own choice of cladding materials.

Enjoy the completed building


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The most awaited S POD ROADSHOW 2016 will be debuting its first roadshow from 25th to 27th March 2016 at Park City Mall, Bintulu, Sarawak.

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