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S Frame Product Features

S Frame systems shall come with the following features:-


1.0 Service Hole

  • Service Hole shall be punched into the studs and plates wherever cabling or plumbing is required.
  • The standard size of service hole shall be of 35mm.

2.0 Swage

  • The swage crimps the section allowing it to fit inside a plate or noggin while maintaining the same overall external sizes for plates and studs.

3.0 Web and Lip Notch

  • The web and lip is notched out to allow one stud to pass through another.
  • Enables standard, offset and diagonal frame intersections to be constructed.

4.0 Dimple

  • The dimple shall be punched in the centre of the flange.
  • The function is to locate the joining components accurately so that the head of the screw sits flush and allows the drywall to fit flat on the framing.

5.0 End-Bearing

  • The special crimp-cut feature produces a unique end bearing stud with zero end clearance.
  • This allows the direct transfer of load from the stud end to the bottom plate rather than through the fixings.

6.0 End-Truss

  • Notches chamfer on the flanges on both sides. It is used for creating angular external intersections such as struts and ties in trusses.

7.0 Inkjet Printer Component Information

  • Components information will be printed onto the stud including component number, job number/description and identify the exact component orientation.

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The most awaited S POD ROADSHOW 2016 will be debuting its first roadshow from 25th to 27th March 2016 at Park City Mall, Bintulu, Sarawak.

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